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I'm from Tabriz, a city in north west of Iran. I was born and raised in a warm and educated family. My parents played an important role to encouraged me to pursue my dreams as a woman. 

My mother is my first role model who is a dedicated, understanding, supporting and great teacher for me. She is always there to help me understand how precious is to be a woman and how to improve my soul and heart to love people and care about them.

My father was always concerned about his two little daughters. Since we were living in a relatively conservative community, our father always advised us to fight for our rights. “As a woman, you must GET what’s yours. Others won’t hand it to you.” That is why I grew up by believing in hard work. I have always tried to educate and empower myself to become an inspiring, dedicated and compassionate leader and mentor. 


My Home town Tabriz is famous for its rugs in the world. It is a large modern city with 

Iran has several cities that are famous because of their historical architecture sites such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, Kashan, and ... . Many people all around the world visit Iran yearly because of the stunning and beautiful historical sites. Nasir Al Mulk Mosque in Shiraz (left picture) is one of the magnificent must see places in Iran.

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Click on the picture to see the 360 beautiful cities in Iran.

Also, the Persepolis in Shiraz which was the ceremonial capital of Persia during the Achaemenid Empire is another astounding site for tourist in Iran.

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Click on the picture to see the 360 beautiful cities in Iran.


I love Persian food! The taste, smell, color are amazing! I suggest to try Persian food. One of the best Persian restaurants near where I live is Rumi's Kitchen in Atlanta, GA.


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