Spring 2015         Fall 2016
     2011                 2013

Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering (MISE)

Auburn University, USA


Coursework highlights:

  • Stochastic Operations Research

  • Linear Programming and Network Flows

  • Adaptive Optimization

  • Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems

  • Big Data I

  • Applied Data Visualization



Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Industrial Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran

Advisors: Dr. Majid Aminnayeri & Dr. Nasser Salmasi
Area of study: Operations Research


Emphasize on:

  • Linear / Integer Programming

  • Transportation / Supply chain

  • Scheduling & Sequencing 

  • Facility Location / Layout

  • Artificial Intelligence


Thesis: Transportation Scheduling in Supply Chain Environment with Considering Maximum Supply of Demands

  • Developed a mixed integer mathematical programming model for scheduling the trucks in the network by considering the truck capacity, demand due dates, and sequence-dependent time constraints with the objective of minimizing the maximum lateness of deliveries 

  • Developed a Scatter Search-based algorithm to effectively solve large-scale instances

  • Validated the performance of the proposed algorithm through experiments on different size instances of the problem and compared it with the results of the developed optimization model and best lower bound found. 

  • Used IBM ILOG CPLEX, C#, and Matlab for the implementations.


Combinatorial Optimization Project:

  • Developed effective single-solution-based and population-based evolutionary algorithms for combinatorial optimization test problems such as non-attacking and non-dominating n-queens problems.

  • Proposed a TOPSIS-Taguchi based parameter tuning method to find the best set of parameters of the developed algorithms.

  • Employed Matlab and C# for implementing of the proposed algorithms and Minitab for parameter tuning. 

     2006                 2010

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Industrial Engineering, Tabriz University, Iran

Advisor: Dr. Hassan Rezazadeh
Area of study: Operations Research


Emphasize on:

  • Linear / Integer Programming

  • Scheduling & Sequencing

  • Advanced Manufacturing/ Virtual Manufacturing Cells

  • Production Planning/ Inventory Control / Facility Layout Design


Thesis: Virtual Manufacturing Cells Scheduling in a Dynamic Environment

  • Studied advanced manufacturing configurations and layouts

  • Studied the literature of Virtual Manufacturing Cells scheduling problem

  • Implemented Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing based models to solve the problem

  • Validate the performance of the developed algorithms through experiments on different size instances and compared them with the results of mixed integer optimization model.

  • Used IBM ILOG CPLEX, C#, and Matlab for the implementations.

  • Developed a user interface in C# for graphical Facility Layout design



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University, USA

Adviser: Dr. Alexander Vinel
Area of study: Operations Research


Emphasize on: 

  • Stochastic/ Integer/ Nonlinear Optimization

  • Risk-Averse Optimization

  •  Transportation / Logistics / Supply chain 

  • Data Analysis / Data Visualization



  • Developed mixed integer mathematical models for hazardous materials supply chain network design to find optimal locations of the centers in the network as well as optimal quantity of the materials to be shipped within the network to satisfy customers' demand with the objectives of minimizing the cost, risk of the network and the response time of the emergency teams in case of incidents.

  • Developed multi-objective heuristic algorithms to solve large-scale instances of the problem efficiently in a very short time. 

  • Developed risk-averse stochastic optimization models for hazardous material transportation routing using Conditional Value-at-Risk (CVaR) and Risk Parity.

  • Developed a nonlinear convex optimization framework for obtaining conditional-Value-at-Risk (CVaR)-based risk parity model.

  • Outlined a two-stage risk-reward-diversi cation framework aimed at combining the advantages of both risk parity and standard risk-reward optimization

  • Employed AMPL, MOSEK and CPLEX APIs in C++ and Matlab for solving the optimization models, and Matlab and R for implementing heuristic algorithms, statistical analysis and graphics. 


Data Analytics Project:

  • Led a team of seven researchers from departments of Computer Science, Information Systems and Analytics, Biological and Health Systems Engineering, Physical Therapy and Kinesiology to design and implement an interactive graphical web-based platform (available at www.auburn.edu/~nzm0030) for data-driven decision-making that exists on top of the Centralized Open-Access Rehabilitation database for Stroke (SCOAR), allowing researchers and practitioners to design more effective therapies for patients with stroke. 

  • Employed HTML, JavaScript, CSS, D3.js and dc.js for the web-based data visualizations.


     Spring 2015      Summer 2019
Nasrin Mohabbati Kalejahi

My name is Nasrin Mohabbati Kalejahi. I received my Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Auburn University in 2019. I joined the Department of Information and Decision Sciences in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration at California State University, San Bernardino as a tenure track Assistant Professor in Fall 2019!


My research interests include decision making under uncertainty, risk-averse stochastic optimization, and reinforcement learning with a wide variety of applications in finance, supply chain design, and transportation safety.  My research and teaching had been recognized during my Ph.D. studies with the 'Dr. Saeed Maghsoodloo Annual Assistantship' and the 'Frank Sturm Memorial Fellowship' in 2018. For more information, please visit my Research and Publications pages.


In addition to my research and teaching skills, I have developed my leadership skills through campus involvement and outreach activities. My professional service includes serving as the president of INFORMS Student Chapter (2016-2018), ISE Department senator of Graduate Student Council, and event coordinator of Women in Science and Engineering and Iranian Students Association. My leadership skills were recognized with three regional and national awards: '100+ Women Strong Graduate Leadership Award' in 2017 and the '  INFORMS Student Chapter Award' in 2017 (Cum laude) and 2018 (Summa cum laude).


Awards & Honors

  • Awarded the Frank Sturm Memorial Fellowship in recognition of excellence in multidisciplinary research and sustained leadership in service and teaching, Auburn University, 2018

  • Awarded the 'Dr. Saeed Maghsoodloo Annual Assistantship', $12000, Auburn University, Spring and Summer 2018

  • Received the INFORMS 2018 Student Chapter Annual Award at the level of Summa Cum Laude

  • An inductee of Industrial and Systems Engineering honor society, Alpha Pi Mu, since 2018

  • An inductee of engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, since 2018

  • Finalist for the Outstanding ePortfolio Award, Auburn University, 2018

  • Received the INFORMS 2017 Student Chapter Annual Award at the level of Cum Laude

  • Received 100+ Women Strong Graduate Leadership Award, Auburn University, Spring 2017

  • Selected for attending the INFORMS Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017

  • Travel Grant for INFORMS Annual Meeting, ISE Dept., Auburn University, $1500, 2017

  • Travel Grant for INFORMS Annual Meeting, ISE Dept., Auburn University, $800, 2016

  • Awarded the outstanding Industrial Engineering graduate student from Amirkabir University of Technology, 2013

  • Awarded the outstanding Industrial Engineering student from Tabriz University, 2010

  • Awarded the top regional Khwarizmi Award (scientifi c competition), Iran, 2007

  • National Physics Olympiad, in top 400 pupils among 450,000 students in Iran, 2005


Receiving the Frank Sturm Memorial Fellowship.

Left to right: Dr. V. Mirkhani, Dr. J. Flowers (Dean of Auburn University Graduate School), N. Mohabbati, H. Hernandez, P. Traverso.


INFORMS Student Chapter Award reception (2017)

L-R: G. Romine, N. Mohabbati, O. Toragay, Z. Sadeghi



INFORMS Student Chapter Award reception (2018)

L-R: A. Mehdizadeh, B. Rasoolian, N. Mohabbati, S. Shirzaei, Z. Sedighi, Dr. Gino Lim

Receiving the 100+Women Strong Leadership Award.

Right: Dr. Roberts, Dean of Samuel Ginn College of Engineering,

Photo credit: AuburnEngineers


Professional Skills

During my research, I had the opportunity to work on several categories of optimization problems and learn different solution methods in each category. The Problem categories and the solution methods of each are mentioned in following boxes:

Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Stochastic Programming, Robust Optimization

Combinatorial Optimization

Branch and Bound, Branch and Cut,


Multi Objective Optimization

Epsilon Constraint, Weighting method, NSGA II

Large Scale Optimization

Benders Decomposition, Approximation Algorithms 

Software Skills:


Being a researcher requires having a variety of skills. Doing research on various topics helped me learn different software skills. Having knowledge about how to use optimization softwares and their combination with the programming languages as well as statistical softwares and data visualization tools made me able to publish papers in high ranked journals. Here is a brief list of my software skills in different areas:

Optimization Software

Cplex, AMPL, MOSEK, Gurobi, GAMS, Lingo, Lindo


C++, C#, Matlab, Python

Statistical Analysis

R, SAS, Minitab


Simio, Arena, Vensim

Project Management

Microsoft Project


AutoCAD, SolidWorks

Web design and

Data Visualization

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, dc.js, d3.js, Tabluea


LaTeX, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio


Employment History

Academic Positions:​​

Graduate Research Assistant,

Auburn University, Since Spring 2016

Research areas include: Risk-averse stochastic optimization with applications in portfolio optimization, insurance, and hazardous materials routing; data analytics and data visualization with application in healthcare

 Graduate Teaching Assistant,

Auburn University, Since Spring 2015

Responsibilities include: Lecturing labs and some of the class sessions for both undergraduate and graduate level courses, evaluating and grading homework, tests, reports, and projects,  tutoring students during office hours 

Graduate Research Assistant,

Amirkabir University of Technology, 2012-2013

Research areas included: Linear and integer programming, transportation scheduling, combinatorial optimization with focus on n-queens problem, mixed integer programming, heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms

 Teaching Assistant,

Tabriz University, 2011

Responsibilities included: Lecturing several classes and homework solving sessions for Facility Layout Planning course 

 Professional / Industry Experience:


  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Research Institute, April 2013 - June 2014

Location: Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Job title: Operations Research specialist


- Developed mixed integer mathematical models for routing and synchronized scheduling of Bus Rapid Transits (BRTs) of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. 
- Developed static and dynamic timetables for each route and station in the city. 

- Analyzed the infrastructure and requirements of implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems and equipment in Tehran metropolis, analyzing the infrastructures, current condition of the system and equipments, providing ongoing solutions and technical support.

- Conducted research on speed safety cameras and developing a national standard for this equipment.


  • Steel Alborz Co. Tabriz, Iran, Sep 2010 - Feb 2011

Job title: Inventory Control Specialist


Monitored warehouse transactions, kept track of products and resources in the warehouse and sold items, conducted supply and demand analysis and created request statements for reordering the required inventory, made the inventory and sales reports for the upper manager.


  • Tabriz Car Mashionary Industry, Tabriz, Iran, June - Sep 2010

Job title: Internship - Work Measurement (Time and Work Study)


Conducted time and motion study for the production line, found the bottlenecks, developed time standards, monitored the changes, updated the system as needed.